ep007: The Bigest Lie of them all.

It’s took 6 day before I began to post this post late (it’s 7:47am on 18th Nov).
Because… stuffs. (not so good mental, eating so so dinner and fall asleep like empty battery)

I do have a choice and I still choose to not complete the resolutions or doing it late in this case.
It’s like you wanna work out yesterday but you do it today. How bad that could have been?
I know that this leads to a bad habit call procrastination.

I love this sentence:
“Telling ourselves that we don’t have a choice is the biggest lie of them all.”
The idea that we always have a choice encourage the living to do their best because they can if they want to.

I chose to procrastinate yesterday.
why? because it’s something i can do later? (this is what procrastination is about)

I will try not to do this again.
how? by complete it early? eat that frog?

but i wanna experience the whole day before sum it up.
you see? i give this task an important one.

Let’s stay on track. One day at a time.