EP004: If it’s Something Important, you’ll never feel ready.

If you’re working on something important, then you’ll never feel ready.

Here come the music cue for Iron Maiden’s Brave New World.
Let’s score my Karma today.

  1. walking to work. Check!
  2. have a good breakfast.  Check!
  3. be the best at what i do at work. (I try my best!) Check!
  4. Finding time to improve myself.  Check!

what i can improve.

  1. No workout today. because….  stuffs! Strike 2.
    Should I just eat less. What is the reasons I did not go work out?
    Because it takes 18.30 -> 22.30 for traveling, workout, dining, going back home.
    part 1
    18.30-19.00 Traveling
    19.00-20.30 Workout
    20.30-22.30 dining, traveling
    22.30-00.00 wasted time on internet and game. (If this is turn into: making an app. it would be perfect)  (wasted 1.5 hrs)

    What if I don’t go to workout? What’s the catch?
    part 2
    18.30-20.00 going back home, dining.
    20.00-23.30 time wasted on internet and game. hey! i feel ashamed now.  (wasted 3.3 hrs)
    part 3
    18.00-19.30 stay late at office
    19.30-21.00 going back home, bad dining.
    21.00-00.00 time wasted on internet and game. hey, i work hard today! don’t you know.  (wasted 3 hrs)

That’s my night life. Only 3 patterns all end up with wasted time.
You see the patterns?
All end up with going back home, dining and wasted time?
Good patterns are going workout or stay late at office. With out them I am noting productive..
OMG. this is quite serious now.

All just According to Keikaku!