EP003: Hello Monday. So much have changed since you leave here..

Is this the diary? Or something I  just try to do everyday to make it a habit.

However here are my productivity today..

  1. walking to work.
  2. have a good breakfast. (hence the featured image, wink wink). Tomorrow  I should try to have this again.
  3. be the best at what i do at work.
  4. starting invest in some stock. (at last! after pause for 6 years)
  5. have not so bad early dinner.

what i can improve.

  1. No workout today. because….  stuffs!
    Not that I am lazy.. but i replace it with some productivity for office.
    Worth it? maybe. this should keep to debating in the future.
  2. No progress in any apps. The plan is set. There is no action.
    Just According to Keikaku!
  3. No reading actually books. No progress in self stuffs. just wanna relax.
    After i’m home (20:00) just have some fruit with the computer.
    Is this OK? i feel i am in the middle of the interchange. Not that relax. Not that serious.
    Struck in a moment you can’t get out of.
    help me obewan kenobi. you are my only hope.
    Should I have a night that I just fully relax follow by a night that no game no internet, just working in apps.

Time is running out…