EP002: Just do it! Yesterday you said tomorrow!

Looking at the picture of featured image and the Will power to not ‘buy’ the junk food any more.
What we got here is… a free promotional cake and drink from Starbucks.

So I guess this is fine since I don’t pay for them. Free redeeming is OK righ? Right?

Today my progression improves quite well.
I know the path I will walk on for the App things.
I perceive the idle time I waste for ‘preparing to ready’.

Still, there is one step that I still don’t take.
Using money is easy.
Waiting to be ready is easy.

With unfamiliar territories come uneasy feeling.
The struggle is real.
Method and plan are made for the parachute – the safe landing –

No parachute here.
I think the Live Die Repeat Method is not so bad.
Fail huh? Let’s fail again.
Going in again.

Immortality! Take it. It’s yours.