EP001: Hello web page my old friend. I come to talk to you again.

Hello myrainyworld. hello blog session. it’s been awhile since I update somethings to you.

Today is my birthday. just so you know, it’s a good day to start something.
We know that everyday is a brand new day which is a good day to getting things start.
Anyway, let’s make it today. The day that I make the resolutions that never be kept.

Things that can’t be completed?
then why bother making it in the first place?

Because it’s more interesting this way.

Anyway here are my birthday resolutions list.

1. launch 20 new apps in 2018.
2. Stop buying junk food.
3. write blog everyday.

Things I want to do as habits but won’t includes in the list (hard mode).
and yeah I will try to do it every day!
Like Yui said “Watashi wa nanimo kowakunai no“.
Like Jon said that Franky said “I did it my way”.

* Meditation every night at least 5 minutes before going to bed.
* Read real books (not eBooks) at least 20 minutes a day.
* Drawing 1 pictures a day.

Things that are on my wish lists for years but I still don’t do them (because of reasons…)
I will try to do it. (is that good enough?)
* Learning Japanese.

It’s almost Midnight. Time to finish this post.