EP0008: IAP & the Sense of pride and Accomplishment.

“We did it Reddit!” is known for redditor as a sheer full force of community that can accomplish  anything.
Reddit also has its sub for everything.

Seriously? I paid 80$ to have Vader locked? is what has been reported and remembered as the most down vote comment in the history of reddit. that comment is here

Reading it gave me a lot of things.
We all need something to attached to.

Life is going so fast.
We may notice it when it is too late.

However,  worry about it too much give you no good. Carefree to much either.

There is quite a lot of good thing today.
the surprise trailer (for me anyway) of the new mutant..

the high anticipated movie. the trailer of Tomb Raider.

I see those trailer in the theater today when i double dip Justice League.
So glade I see that Magik is in the Movie and I like Alicia Vikander.
Made my day.