Day 5 : 6 Best Quotes of Marie Antoinette from Fate/Grand Order.

With so much dialog-driven like this game, sometime it hits, sometime it misses.
When it misses (alot): Cling worthy alert…

But when it hits: IT so Good!

I like the dialog of lively Marie Antoinette. So optimistic, so energetic, so silly sometime and a lot of times so inspired..


Best Quotes of Marie Antoinette from Fate/ Grand Order

Marie Antoinette: Yes, that’s right. I’m so happy.
This is what it means to announce oneself as a hero of justice!
(Queen Marie Antoinette’s first presence)

Marie Antoinette: And as long as that name exists,
I will play my role, no matter how foolish it may be.
(Marie Antoinette’s Responsibility.
With Great Responsibility, she seems to lack the Great Power though)

Marie Antoinette: Are you evil enough to perform your wicked deeds in my very presence?
(That’s how Evils turn to Good)

What I don’t know, I learn.
That’s my policy.  ~ Marie Antoinette (Fate/GO)

Marie Antoinette: Will you declare yourself a greater fool than I,
the queen who failed to stop the revolution?
(She knows her mistakes. She admit them proudly.
Surely she learned a lot from them.)

Marie Antoinette: Along with Jeanne d’ Arc over there.
I am going to make your heart and body mine!
(My Heart! Take All of it! It’s yours!)

Save the Best for last.

Marie Antoinette: What I don’t know, I learn. That’s my policy.
(with this, the good becomes great. The world is a better place now. Thank you Marie!)


Amadeus: Love can easily turn to hatred.
You were hated precisely because you were loved.
(Like Jon Bon Jovi said “don’t you let your love turn to hated.
You have to Keep the Faith”)