Day 1 : Yes. I am your Master, Saber!

If you are on Android and load the APK from this how to for people outside US. You may encounter the problem that the app close itself and Android want to mail the error info to the dev. In there you will see the error code which you can fix it if you know what it mean. Here are the list of them.


rror code compilation for Android User.

  • Error code 1 = apk clone
  • Error code 10 = emu / unknown reason
  • Error code 23 = jailbreak
  • Error code 43  = usb debug on / dev option on
  • Error code 60 = rooted
  • Error code 90 = apk clone
  • Error code 91 = apk broken
  • Error code 92 = apk modified / xposed

For me it’s Error code 43. I use SS A9 Pro which I can turn it off easily from:

  • Settings -> Developer options -> toggle it off.

And YES! My first five star is SABER! Altria Pendragon. Though she is not the popular (must have) Jeanne d’ Arc or Zhuge Liang (Lord El-Melloi II) but she is the reason I’m the Fate/Stay Night Fan. So I keep her. No re-roll here yeah!

With her and Saber Lily. I think I’m on set.